Tweeting for Impact

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Tweeting for Impact
Tweeting for Impact

Tweeting is the excessively truncated variety of a blog site.  Life in 140-character segments is either very poetic or brief in the extreme.  For perspective, the previous sentence, including spaces, is 139 characters.  Tweeting on the Twitter platform back and forth is necessarily brief if immediate.

Never the less, 140 characters can say volumes with the right word choices.  With the latest revisions of, images and videos can be linked in the tweet to enhance it.  That said, there is one disadvantage to tweeting that is not as immediately disadvantageous to other social networking.  In this respect, tweeting may be most closely associated with real world humanity: tweets are immediate; they live in the moment but fade in impact after little passage of time.  They have little historic impact, even in the relatively short duration of a single day.

On the other hand, the challenge to be in the moment and to make it substantial with impact is one of Twitter’s most advantageous factors in blogging for traffic in the moment.  It is an advantage that if search engine optimization (SEO) is successful in tweeting, it makes the effort far easier in other social networking applications.

Since the optimum path to increasing traffic to your website – in this case, your tweets – is in being honest about yourself, your likes and dislikes, your hopes and dreams, relating that honesty in 140-character segments does not give room to vacillate with integrity.  Your known friends will spot disingenuous prattle within a tweet or two.  For others, it may take longer, but being you at all times will never allow variation from that ideal.  You are already unique.  Stay on that path and it will always serve you well for attracting traffic.  If needed to monetize, your Twitter account can include pay per click marketing as a traffic pleaser.

One study indicated about 40 percent of all tweets was mindless prattle.  Others called it real social networking.  The truth is somewhere in between, but there are too many tweets of meaningless, wasted words.  Make your tweets say something more about you than that you think “X” is the dreamiest singer ever; so do millions of others.  Why is he or she dreamy?  “When (he/she) sings, it is a stone dropped in water, erupting a crown, rippling to shore, shaking roots, trembling trees, gathering clouds.”  In up to 140 characters, that is a lasting image that leaves no doubt about impact.

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